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Wheatgrass Tablets – Green Food Supplement


  • A daily supplement that your body needs.
  • A natural detoxifier, can eliminate toxins form the body.
  • May help to boost digestion and metabolism.
  • Helps to maintain cholesterol levels.
  • Food supplement that enhances immunity.
  • Helps increase energy level.
  • May help in weight management.
  • Helps in blood circulation & purification.



The Importance of Wheatgrass Tablets/ Wheatgrass Supplements for Enhanced Immunity & Health

Adding green food supplements in your regular diet is a wise idea in today’s hectic life. And when you do, Wheatgrass (Wheat-O-Power) is the must-have in that regard.
Herbal Hills’ Wheatgrass Tablets contains amino acids, amylase, ascorbic acid, calcium, carotene, chlorophyll, proteins, vitamins, selenium, sodium, zinc, and iron. Through these properties, it may exert alkaline, antiaging, antianemic, antiseptic, blood purifying, detoxicant, rejuvenative, immunity boosting, digestive and stimulant properties.

What are the Wheatgrass Benefits?

Wheatgrass is truly a wonderful green food supplement as it may have a variety of medicinal applications. It may also help in faster metabolism and reducing the lipid levels in the body. It may have blood purifying and detoxifying abilities due to which it may help cleanse the system and boost immunity.
Being antiseptic in nature, our Wheatgrass supplements may help protect the liver and fight skin problems and heal skin tissues. They may also help regulate blood sugar levels. Thus, they may have protective and healthy effects on the heart. Wheatgrass may be highly useful in digestion.
Furthermore, Wheatgrass benefits may also include health care management, fighting inflammation and provide rich nutrition for daily life.

Where to Buy Wheatgrass? Buy Wheatgrass Online at Herbal Hills

Herbal Hills manufactures Wheatgrass Tablets (Wheat-O-Power Tablets) with the help of modern and highly advanced technologies. It is one of India’s leading and most trusted brands to buy Wheatgrass online. Moreover, a team of experts, with decades of experience in Ayurveda, creates these herbs in the facility which has ISO, GMP, and Halal certifications.
Moreover, Herbal Hills has created a novel concept of herbal extract which are concentrates derived from the herbs. Hence, it gives speedy, complete and effective results.
Our products are completely natural and free from any harmful chemicals. For more insights, please refer to our Blogs.

The direction of Use:

Take 2 tablets twice a day for maintaining good health. It should ideally be taken on an empty stomach before meals. For better results, it should be taken with warm water.

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm



60 Tablets


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