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Jambu Beej powder – 1 kg Pack


  • Promotes Immunity.It has digestive and liver stimulant properties
  • Helps in glucose metabolism.
  • Helps proper functions of liver
  • Helps raise insulin secretion from the pancreas


Where To buy pure Jamun Powder Online| Jamun Powder for Sugar Control?

Herbal Hills can offer you a great answer with its herbal supplement jambu beej powder. Herbal Hills is an eminent manufacturer of herbal and Ayurvedic supplement. To make sure that it is a leading manufacturer, it has a unique key of cultivation. As a result, it contains own farm in range of Sahyadri mountain range at Lonavala. Their own farm allows this brand to cultivate herbs in the most-suitable and pristine environment. Moreover, all these herbs are then getting protected from unwanted pollutants and harmful chemicals. Along with a traditional cultivation scheme, herbal hills follows highly-progressive manufacturing techniques to maintain the optimum quality aspects. Additionally, this Jambu beej powder is free from all destructive chemicals and hazardous substances to make sure that this product is of premium quality. Moreover, the certificates like ISO, GMP and Halal also assure that buying jambu powder online is secure to consume by all customers.

Try Jambu Beej Powder to Experience Jamun Powder Benefits

Basically, the other name of Jambu Beej powder is Eugenia Jambolana. Moreover, as per the ancient Ayurvedic texts, Jambu seeds is useful in “Prameha”. In the first place, the basic use of Jamun powder for Sugar control, owing to its nutritional value. The pure jambu beej powder contains alkaloids, betulic acid, calcium, fibre, flavonoids, gallic acid, fructose, and iron. The pure jambu powder also contains essential minerals, tannins, proteins, and vitamins for added health benefits. Moreover, the Jamun powder for sugar control depicts medicinal properties like antidiabetic, antiaging, antibacterial, antifertility, blood purifying, cooling etc.

When we consider Jamun powder benefits, the first one is sugar control. The jambu powder is beneficial in managing the blood sugar level by using the sugar controlling properties. Additionally, the healthy glucose metabolism also includes in the Jamun powder benefits. This Jamun powder for sugar control maintains the healthy cholesterol level and lowers the blood pressure.

Direction of Use:

Take about 3 grams of Jambu beej powder twice daily or consult a physician. For better results, consume jambu powder on an empty stomach. Consider taking it with warm water for better results.

Additional information

Dimensions 2 × 26 × 49 cm

1 kg




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