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Herbalhills Senna 120 Tablets (Pack of 2)


  • The laxative action of Ayurvedic Senna Tablets may help to maintain the healthy bowel system, which promotes bowel cleansing.
  • Cassia angustifolia may bring the movement of the intestine and ensures complete bowel evacuation.
  • Senna leaves for constipation may help to relieve constipation pain.
  • Senna Tablets may help to maintain the healthy metabolism & healthy digestive system.

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Herbal Hills Senna – Tablets Ayurvedic Senna Leaves (cassia angustifolia) 500 mg Powder and Extract blend in a Tablets for Natural Bowel Movement

Herbal Senna Tablets are processed symbiotically with latest technologies and prepared in immaculate environment to promote 100% efficacy and to retain their Ayurvedic value. The purest form of Senna leaves has been used in the formation of these Tablets to help support natural bowel relief. This herb is manually graded and specially selected to offer the creation of best-quality products. Numerous scientific studies suggested that these Tablets showcase benefits in the relief of natural bowel movement. It brings about movements of the intestine and ensures complete bowel evacuation and is very effective in constipation. In addition, it acts as coolant and cleans body, which otherwise leads to bloating and discomfort.

HerbalHills – Organic Senna Tablets Manufacturer

Senna also called as Cassia angustifolia and its capsules are an Ayurvedic formulation of Senna leaves powder and Senna leaves extract. HerbalHills is one of the best Ayurvedic Company in India stick to its traditional cultivation methods to maintain the Ayurvedic values. Adding to it, this Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer is based on the modern and progressive technologies for added safety and efficacy. Moreover, by holding a Government approved the licenses and certification, this Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer sets optimum safety goals. Furthermore, to gain the customer’s satisfaction, it produces 100% chemical free and use natural herbs.

  • Herbal Senna leaves Tablets of 500 mg,Tablets Dosage: 1 Tablets twice a day
  • Supports to give bowel relief and acts as a mild laxative
  • Raw herb powder and Pure herbal extract combination of Senna leaves for toxin removal
  • May help maintain optimum weight and relief from constipation


  • Take one capsule twice daily or as directed by the physician
  • For better results take with warm water


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