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Herbal Hills 100% Organic Brahmi Powder – 200gms – For Brain and memory


Traditionally cultivated, chemical and gluten free, 100% natural and pure Organic powder ,Government Certified to assure optimum safety and premium quality ,Natural and pure Brain health supplement ,Helps to reduce stress and improve overall nervouse system functioning.

  • Brahmi Powder may promote healthy brain functioning and also supports mental clarity, focus and concentration ability.
  • This stress management supplement may protect against mental degeneration.
  • Bacopa monnieri powder for brain may support the healthy nervous system.
  • Brahmi dietary supplement may maintain the natural strength and supports healthy hair.



Organic Brahmi Powder is also full of antioxidants. The scientific name of Brahmi leaves/ Brahmi powder is Bacopa monnieri. This organic powder is synergistically processed at Herbal Hills manufacturers to keep up with quality level. At Herbalhills, all these organic powders are made with the amalgamation of modern technologies and traditional formulas to maintain the supreme quality. Owing desired Government certifications, these powders are safe for children?s too. With a rich quotient of saponins, alanine, alkaloids, amino acids, apigenin, bacosides, esters fibers etc., this Brahmi powder is suggested to be a best supplement for brain health. It is also beneficial to maintain a hair health and resolve various hair problems such as dryness, dullness, spit ends, etc.

Organic Brahmi Powder is also full of antioxidants that may help in removing free radicals from the body and thus ensure healthy living. Furthermore, it may also promote healthy hair by rejuvenating your scalp and promoting hair regeneration. Regular consumption of Organic Brahmi Powder may also help boost immunity and improve your overall health.

Brahmi Powder has essential & medicinal properties that may be used as an ayurvedic medicine for brain.  The herbal powder is known to be one of the best herbs for memory. Bacopa monnieri may turn exceptionally beneficial if you are looking for brain tonic for memory. Brahmi is considered to be the best brain supplements as it is a rich source of fruitful and likely nutrients.

Moreover, in recent times Brahmi for hair is preferred by many. On the other hand, as it is a chemical-free Herbal Product, by the leading herbal manufacturing company, Herbal hills. Thus the amazing health benefits related to brain health and hair care, you should give a try to this herbal Brahmi Powder to experience healthier you. This amazing ayurvedic medicine for brain and Brahmi for hair would help you stay healthier each day.



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Hair Care / Memory support


Organic Brahmi Powder

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