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Herbal Hills Jambu 60 Tablets ( Pack of 2)


  • All the Bitter and Saponins contents of Ayurvedic Jamun capsules also known as Eugenia jambolana are helpful in healthy sugar level mManagement, owing to the ability of glucose metabolism
  • This is a blood sugar control supplement to maintain healthy sugar balance.
  • Promotes optimum carbohydrate metabolism.

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Herbal Hills Jambu Tablets Ayurvedic Eugenia jambolana (Java plum) 500 mg Powder and Extract blend in a Tablets to Support Healthy Sugar Level

Jambu is commonalty known as Java Plum and is scientifically known as Syzygium cumini. It is symbiotically processed and traditionally cultivated in the leading manufacturer of herbal medicines called Herbal . Pure and dry extract has been processed using encapsulation method to prepare herbal Jambu Tablets. These Tablets prepared in the most suitable and potent environment to assure its purity and efficacy up to 100%. The main role of these Tablets is healthy sugar management. It is also useful in improving the function of pancreas. Exerting the astringent property, these jamun Tablets help control excessive urination and controls healthy blood sugar level.

HerbalHills – Ayurvedic Jamun Tablets Manufacture

Herbal Hills is an eminent and one of the leading manufacturers of herbal supplements in India. Additionally, it owns an herbal land in the Sahyadri Mountains to provide a chemical free and suitable environment. It also focuses on the modern and progressive technologies to reach up to international quality standards. Furthermore, this leading and trusted brand hold government approved a license to maintain optimum safety. Thus, trust Herbal Hills for Ayurvedic jamun Tablets to live a healthy life!

  • Herbal Jamun Tablets of 500 mg, 60 Tablets Dosage: 1 Tablets twice daily before meals
  • Supports healthy sugar management
  • Raw herb powder and Pure herbal extract combination of Jamun seeds (Java plum) to improve healthy metabolism
  • Helps promote optimum blood sugar maintenance


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