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Female Health Syrup – Femohills Herbal Shots 500ml (Pack Of 2)


  • Women’s health Juice
  • Supports healthy female energy
  • May help support hormonal balance
  • May help remove toxins from the body
  • May have antioxidant properties


Femohills Herbal Shots: Female Hormone Shots/ Female Health Tonic/ Female Energy Drink/ Multivitamin Syrup for Women’s

Women’s health is of paramount importance today. From working independently, handling household activities to taking care of children, they are unstoppable. However, managing such a huge workload takes a physical as well as the mental toll on the body. In such cases, they need female hormone shots to complement their passion and performance. Therefore, Herbal Hills has manufactured Femohills (Female Health Tonic), the prominent female energy drink. Moreover, this multivitamin syrup for women may provide complete wellness.
Femohills Syrup is a powerful combination of natural herbs. It consists of Shatavari, Ashoka, Lodhra, Kumari, Dashamool, Yashtimadhu, Dashmoola, Mudgaparnee and Mashparnee. It may impart uterine health, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating properties.

This energy tonic for womens may be a strong rejuvenative for women health and vitality. Ashoka is best known uterine tonic and may regulate uterine disorders. Lodhra may be useful in reducing inflammation of the uterus. Dashamoola may have good anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, useful in low backache and other painful conditions.
Furthermore, Femohills Syrup may also help in hormonal balance in women. It may be useful in solving menstrual cycle problems, provide strength, stamina and may enhance overall women’s health.

Buy Femohills Online at Herbal Hills – Effective Energy Tonic for Womens

Herbal Hills manufactures Femohills Syrup with the help of modern and highly advanced technologies. It is one of India’s leading and most trusted herbal brands. Additionally, a team of experts, with decades of experience in Ayurveda, creates these herbs in the facility which has ISO, GMP, and Halal certifications.
Moreover, Herbal Hills has created a novel concept of herbal extract which are concentrates derived from the herbs. Hence, it gives speedy, complete and effective results.
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Dosage: Take 15 ml twice daily – before breakfast & before dinner

Main ingredients: Ashoka, Guduchi, Triphala, Shatavari, Lodhra, Sunthee, etc.


Additional information

Dimensions 14.5 × 5.25 × 20.5 cm

500 ML




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