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Herbal Hills Punarnava Powder – 100g Each (Pack of 2) – Bottle

  • The botanical name of Punarnava powder is Boerhavia diffusa and is rich in nutrients. This punarnava root powder is a well-known herb to provide numerous benefits, including men’s health and urinary health.
  • Punarnava root powder may contain alkaloids, beta-sitsterol, glucosides, flavonoids, lignans, etc. to support healthy Kidney and UTI functioning.
  • The pure and natural punarnava herb has been used in the preparation of 100% chemical-free Punrnava powder, making it safe to consume for every individual.
  • By reducing the fluid retention from the system, this herb is also known as Punarnava urinary wellness supplement. Along with maintaining urinary health, it depicts a remarkable property to balance the Kapha from the body.
  • All the properties in Punarnava Powder may act on the urogenical system by removing the extra debris & strengthen the Urinary system.
  • Along with the Kidney and UTI health, this punarnava root powder showcase it amazing benefits in the healthy weight management system and men’s health.
  • Punarnava for men health is manufactured in GMP and ISO certified facility.
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