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Affiliate Marketing Terms & Conditions

If you are becoming a member or doing further affiliate business will be considered as, you agreed to the following terms and conditions. 

  1. Membership: The person associated with our own “Ayurved Clinic Affiliate Program”, will first has to be a member of this program. You can create only one member with the same email id or mobile no. If we come to know that you have 2 or more than 2 accounts with the same email address, then thoes accounts will be considered as null and void and you will not get any commission lies in that particular account. 
  2. Unique Link: Every affiliate member will be provided with one “Unique Affiliate Link” after becoming a member. This link can be shared with all the customers, friends and family members for further business. 
  3. Commission:  All the affiliate members of our own “Ayurved Affiliate Program” will get 25% commission on every purchase made by your customer using the “unique affiliate link” of your affiliate account. The commission amount will be visible in your affiliate account after the completion of delivery to your customers. The commission will directly get transferred to your bank account (Provided by you while becoming a Affiliate Member). You will receive the commission “lifetime” whenever any one purchase anything from our site, using your unique affiliate link. The commission will be delivered to after 30-40 days (first week of Next to Next Month of Your Cust Purchase.) For eg. If your customer purchases the order in the month of May then you will receive a commission in the first week of July.

III. Commission Withdrawal: You can withdraw your affiliate commission after the amount will be Rs 1000/- or more than that. The withdrawal will happen on a quarterly basis. If you are unable to earn commission of Rs. 1000/ in one year, then your commission will be forfeited. 

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